Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Art of Eating Well: Hemsley and Hemsley

The Art of Eating Well: Hemsley and HemsleyThe Art of Eating Well: Hemsley and Hemsley by Jasmine Hemsley
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I don't remember where I got the recommendation for this book, but it was strong enough that I added it to a Christmas wish list and subsequently received it.

This is a cookbook with much explanation before and during the recipes, outlining the whole-foods, organic, high-quality ingredient, gluten-free, etc style of eating the authors espouse in their meals-to-order business and in their personal lives. Many of the recipes use easily obtained ingredients, but there are some things that are more difficult to source, and as they are based in the UK, some substitutions must be made.

I read this book during a time when my own calendar shifted from being on holiday, to handling serious family business, to starting a demanding many-hours-a-day job, so essentials like cooking a bone broth for six to twelve hours on the stove are well beyond the amount of time I am even awake in my own home. The fact that it took me nearly a month to get through a cookbook speaks eloquently about the amount of free time I currently have available.

This may be a good solution for someone with plenty of time and financial ability to purchase dozens of ingredients for a single dish-- for me, it's not practical at present; I will certainly incorporate some of the healthy ideas into my routine, but this book falls more into the aspirational cookbooks category for now.

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