Wednesday, August 6, 2014

How to Learn a New Language With a Used Brain, by Lynn McBride

How to Learn a New Language with a Used BrainHow to Learn a New Language with a Used Brain by Lynn McBride
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This very short, practical guide to adult language learning had most of the advice I've read before, but with some new resources to try.

The author moved from the US to France some years ago, so the skew in the book is toward adult learners of French; though the techniques are applicable to any target language, the examples are French. The advice is not new: take a class, don't be afraid to talk, expose yourself to the language on television and print as often as possible, tune the radio to the language you're trying to learn, etc.

Some of the online resources were new to me, which made it worth the book to discover them. Because I already take a class, listen/watch television/read papers and books in my target language, the more advanced resources were very helpful to me toward my goal of getting from textbook to fluency.

This book can be easily read at one sitting, then kept by the computer to start looking up resources you may find helpful. It was encouraging to have the many stories of adults who have successfully added to their languages; if you plan to be one of them, this short read may help you as well.

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