Friday, August 15, 2014

An Illustrated Guide to Soccer and Spanish, by Elliott Turner

An Illustrated Guide to Soccer & SpanishAn Illustrated Guide to Soccer & Spanish by Elliott Turner
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Charming short e-book on the intricacies of soccer, but explained partially in English and partially in Spanish. That makes it nearly perfect.

So does the Brian Phillips foreword. Brian Phillips wrote one of my favorite web articles of all time on the USMNT fashion photo shoot done at the home of my local soccer club, and I've been one of his readers ever since. Elliott Turner has a similar sense of humor, so I'm pleased to have discovered him.

Turner takes us through the team positions, the coaches, referees, fans, stadium, field, and equipment in both languages. The intent of the book isn't just humor, though-- he's looking to grow the game in the US through bringing the Latino fútbol culture closer to the growing US soccer mania. If the two fan groups could understand each other just a little bit better, we could become another great force in the world of soccer.

At under 100 pages with at least a quarter of those as a glossary, this is a quick read and a rather important one for anyone who follows the game here and south of the US border. The terminology is fascinating; you'll pick up a bit of Spanish through the words and the charming illustrations. Elliott Turner: más, ¡por favor!

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