Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy Reading

I allegedly taught myself to read at age two, which I think is a bit of a stretch.  I know I was reading something after my third birthday, though, and I can't remember not reading.  It was a bit of a problem in preschool when I read the teeny tiny print at the bottom of the worksheets, completed the task, and went back to my book.  The teacher caught on and changed the assignment long after I'd stopped paying attention.  Despite that discouragement, I stayed in school long enough to finish my master's degree.  :)

Formal education is important to have a base of knowledge and proper credentials for what you want to do in life-- I see it as a key to unlock doors that would otherwise not be available.  Much of what I consider more essential learning, though, I've taught myself through a lifelong love of reading.  Here's my stack of books for 2013:

2013 Reading

I realized after I took the picture that I forgot to put Cervantes' Don Quixote on the pile, but it's in there as well.  I also have my Nook loaded with about a dozen books; some of the Free Fridays selections have been quite good lately.

This year is another year of mostly nonfiction.  Plenty of Thomas Jefferson, both primary material and scholarly critique.  I'll read Emerson's greatest work.  I'll read a compendium of poems that someone deemed the Top 500 and wonder where some of my favorites are, and then pass the book along to the library book sale.  I'll improve my Spanish beyond intermediate and hopefully not get completely overwhelmed.  I'll keep reading up on how to parent gifted children without upsetting them or slipping into insanity.  

I'll post my Goodreads reviews over here, but if you'd like to discuss, we can be friends on Goodreads:  You'll see that I run on about every book I finish... so let's discuss!  Happy reading!

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