Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ten Years Gone

It's the title of a Led Zeppelin song, actually.  If they were still around, I'd still love them, but I love the music they left.  Shall we talk about journals?

10-Year-Journal by Because Time Flies, Inc.

I have not received an assignment for Week 3 or any further information about the Positivity Project, so I thought in lieu of that, I'd share a bit about my current journal.  I've been a diary writer since fourth grade; at some times in my life I would write pages each day, and of course there are long gaps with nothing.  This journal solves the gap issue.  It's a ten-year format and it's a no-excuses way for me to keep up with my life.   Because Time Flies, Inc. publishes this journal.  Would you like a little tour?  The pictures are intentionally a little blurry to protect my own privacy, but if you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment.

First, we have the section for Long-Term Planning.  I have this information in my annual planner, but it may be helpful to transfer some of that here since my planners get archived as the new year begins.

This section also includes some helpful information for making the most of your journal, and alternate uses for some of the sections that other writers have found useful.

Next, for me, is an important section:  setting goals for the year.  I do this each January so that I have something to aim for.  The big goals go here, and I break them down into tasks as the year goes on.  It's nice that there is a column to jot down if I've met or exceeded the goal; that's an empowering thing to fill in throughout the year and rather eye-opening in December if much must be carried forward.  It says a lot about balance if many things are left undone or unattended to.

2011 and 2012 goals.  I set these in January; others might add to them throughout the year.

Last comes the meat of the journal:  the daily pages with a few lines per day, each day, for ten-plus years.  Should you feel the need to write more, there is a spot to reference blank pages in the back.  I find that restricting my thoughts to a few comments each day clarifies things well for me.  I do have another rarely-used blank book for really writing things out, but this is meant to be a chronicle and an accountability tool.

June 23 and 24.  

Between this journal and my Planner Pad, I am able to more or less keep up with myself.  It's interesting to look back and see what was happening on the date I'm writing, or to see how we celebrated a birthday a few years back, or how a day first became significant.

Do you write a journal?  Do you like to write a lot, or is it appealing to have just a small amount of space for a day's events?  What works for you?


  1. I should keep a journal. I've tried. It always seems like my time is needed elsewhere.

    I used Live Journal, and there were stretches where it was an honest outlay of what was going on. Too much of it, though, was broadcast rather than conversation or reflection.

    I've been considering it again recently, because I've been thinking that it would be good for my children to have such a thing one day. It might even be necessary if fate is unkind. It would be nice to know that I left something personal and special for them.

  2. Yes-- that's probably the main reason I do this besides having a record for my own use; it will be nice for posterity. When my grandmother died a few years ago, her daughter had her mother's college diary at our family gathering post-funeral. We had laughing-through-tears reading her dramatic and poignant stories of being a very young woman; none of us had been born when she wrote that and it was a unique way to know her better.

  3. I found your journal through the Quinn Cummings Twitter page, and I just love this journal. I have a few 5-year journals (I'm a journal fanatic haha), but I have not seen a 10-year one. Thanks so much for posting this. I am going to get one when they post the ones starting in 2013.

    Also, I truly enjoy what I have read of your journal so far. I will keep coming back. :)

  4. Hello Robin! Thanks for your lovely words. This is the only journal format that works for me in my life right now.... not so many leisurely moments to navel-gaze with two school-age children, so I'm about as likely to write a reflective few pages as I am to skydive. Five lines and done is working well and it hones my brevity.

    Once school gets back in session in a few weeks I will get back to writing here! Many thanks and I look forward to your visits!