Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Project Positivity

A few months ago, I was looking around the interwebs for some ideas/information about my Planner Pad, which is not incidentally the best paper planner I've ever found for my brain and life, and I have tried nearly all formats.  Anyway, I discovered this absolutely charming young woman describing and showing her Planner Pad on a YouTube video and realized at once that I'd found a kindred spirit!  Especially when she showed how she liked to decorate the black-and-white pages with flower stickers and colored pens; I watched more of her videos and found her to be a kind, sensible, compassionate, sweet person.

So I was thrilled when she posted this:

And of course I joined.  You can, too, if you're so inclined.  The first week's assignment is posted on her blog, and you can even get a Positivity Partner!  I've been matched with someone and can't wait to get to know her over the next weeks.

I'm going to think about my mantra and get a good picture of a vision board I did 12 years ago.  I will do another one for this, but it's remarkable how much the old board still reflects what I want and who I am.   I will sort through my 2012 goals and tailor some for this project, especially the ones that need some dusting off.  I'll be doing my assignments via this blog, which will dust it off as well, and perhaps build a better writing habit for me in the process!

So, welcome to my Positivity Project!  Please post in the comments if you're planning to participate -- I would love to read your blogs on this as well.


  1. I'm participating! I've already posted my homework:)

  2. Hi Sarah! You are so fast!! I will start posting mine later today after I've mulled over what my mantra will be. I have some words, but not the right ones yet. :)