Saturday, May 26, 2012

Project Positivity: Week 2 Work

It's time to dive in to the Project Positivity Week 2 assignments!  Here's what Kayla has for us this week:

WRITE a love letter to yourself. Yes, this may sound a little weird, but it is super powerful! It doesn't have to be mushy gushy, just write nice things about yourself and things that you love about yourself. This is important because it is extremely important to love yourself without any external people or things. How did it feel to write a love letter to yourself? Weird? Difficult? I know that I found it extremely difficult!

From my collection.  By Marianne Meade, 1938, a member of the editorial staff at Junior League Magazine.  So she was pretty much a Social Letters Ninja.

Ok.  Deeeep breath.  Here goes a love letter to myself:

Dear Amy,

Do you know you lucky you are?  Seriously.  Look around.  You live in a beautiful house, in a beautiful place, surrounded by people you love and who love you.  You get to choose how to spend your days, and from what I can see, you mostly choose well.  In fact, that's the point I want to make in this love letter:  that you are not actually lucky, but that your life is the outcome of a series of good choices and doing the right thing, choosing the right thing, even when it was really hard to do.  

I remember one time when it was a matter of choosing to make yourself happy or to ensure that others around you had peace and stability.  You chose to put the important others in your life first, and that has brought peace and contentment.  We can't know the future, or if another decision would have led to happiness in the end, so all I can say is -- well done.  

What you've learned best is that we never stop growing, learning, and surprising ourselves, even as we grow older and wiser.  I'm excited to see what the future has in store for you!  You are far more interesting and accomplished than you were 20 years ago, and imagine how fascinating, original, and fabulous you'll be in another 20.  



PRACTICE loving self talk. It's proven that we are harsher on ourselves than we are to others. Learn to forgive yourself and love yourself. Even if you make a mistake, tell yourself that it's okay, let it go, remember it for next time and move on. There is no point in calling yourself negative names or harping on things that you cannot change. What's done is done, love yourself and move on!

It can be really hard to practice positive self talk!  I'm my own worst critic and often don't even notice the good things that I do.   Let's all work hard on this... notice the negative and make a change, right then and there.

WRITE at least one thing that you are thankful for every day. This is something that is great to look back on when you are having a bad day.

Sunday:  Lazy morning family breakfasts
Monday:  Rain!  And not having to water gardens.
Tuesday:  My RailHawks winning 6-0 and hosting the LA Galaxy next week!  (I'm a soccer fan)
Wednesday:  Long, healthy walks with my dog Ivy.
Thursday:  Being a pretty decent cook.
Friday:  Season tickets to the RailHawks = being treated like a celebrity.  :)
Saturday:  Stable marriage and two-parent family; husband was away on business all week and it's a lot                        less chaotic with two parents here!

LIST things that you love about yourself and one thing that you would like to change about yourself. But make it something that you can realistically change and work on. We are not perfect, there are things that we wish we could change, so take charge and change it! There is no reason to be upset about something that we can fix ourselves, even if it takes a long time. Use this flaw to figure out how you can fix it and become a better version of yourself!

1.  My lifelong love of reading and learning.
2.  Courage to leave childhood religion for something more personally meaningful.
3.  Patience and persistence.
4.  Inheriting my dad's eyes and nose.
5.  Emotional intelligence.

My weight, so that I sail through middle age as a speedboat rather than a barge.  :)

EXTRA CREDIT Like you did last week, take time out to yourself. Take at least an hour to do anything you want. It's very important to be alone with ourselves doing what we want to do in order to unwind and decompress.

We got a Roku Box last week as an ongoing project to get rid of our satellite/Dish Network, which we hardly ever watch and pay quite a lot for each month.  I've had fun this week exploring what's available on there, and since passive TV watching would drive me insane, I have used up one skein of yarn already working my crochet ripple blanket.  Have a look:

Rippling along

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