Thursday, May 17, 2012


One of this week's assignments is to identify a personal mantra.  A long time ago, when I was in high school and beginning to suspect that there was life outside of Lutheranism, I read a great book on meditation, which I failed to note so I can't tell you what the book was.  I got a Sanskrit mantra from that reading that deeply resonated with me:  Ham So, which means "I am that."  It's one of the names of God, and inhaling on "ham," exhaling on "so," is meant to connect to one's inner spirit and inner voice of wisdom.  The book also described meditation as "holding hands with God," and the imagery has stayed with me ever since.  I'm terribly sorry I didn't record the name of the book; it was from the library and I checked it out more than once during that time of great growth.

So today, I'm thinking of that mantra and connecting it to the one I've chosen for now:

I am what I do.

Sadly, the shirt is unavailable.  

Ham So is "I am that,"  and this takes it out to what that is.  

It fits for the goals I'll be posting tomorrow:  I am what I do.  The choices I make and the behaviors that follow define who I am.  I'm driving here.  I had a delicious salad for lunch today, because that's just how I am.  All of life's little activities and choices as a living meditation.

See?   I am what I do.

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