Thursday, April 19, 2012


Wellness.  I like the word so much that it's sort of my theme word for this year.   For me, it encompasses a balance of health in mind, body, and spirit.  Some people make wellness a lifestyle; I need to have it as the background or wallpaper of a well-lived life.  Without it, all else is jarring and with it, we can get on with things.

The picture up there is the Moleskine Wellness Journal.  I was browsing at the bookstore a few weeks back and this caught my eye on the sale table, probably from Resolutions Time at the beginning of the year -- no time like the present, I thought, leafing through its well-designed yet still very interpretable pages.  I hesitated, thinking that this would be one-more-thing to have to keep up with, but I bought it anyway.  This small book has the potential to be a pilot station for tracking what I am doing right and not-right with my health.

Most intriguing to me are the inspiration pages.  I'll fill these with photos, cutout pictures, quotes, and anything else I can turn to when I feel like I can't make good choices.

I'll be writing about Thomas Jefferson soon.  We visited him last weekend on his birthday, April 13, at Monticello and the next day at his retreat in Poplar Forest.  He is in many ways my soulmate for all time, and among the many quirks we share, he had a compulsion to write everything down.  Knowing that this cements action for me, too, this little self-made guidebook will be an invaluable tool in restoring and tracking my personal health and wellness.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I can do better

Viburnum carlesii in bloom.  Best scented plant on our planet.
This isn't a tedious self-flagellatory blog post where I scold myself for letting several months go by without an update.  On the contrary, I've been very busy and faithfully kept up with Google +, Twitter, and Daily Challenge.  I've made great progress on this year's resolutions!

The weight, though.  Man, oh man.  It is not in my self-image to be anything other than fit and healthy.  I've reached the age where good health is no longer a happy accident, and over the past couple of years, I've been rather horrified to watch my metabolism noticeably slow down.  I used to be able to have a certain percentage of my diet in treats without any consequence, and that is now no longer the case:  sugar or fried food of any kind cause instant water retention while they're being inefficiently processed into fat.

I've decided to track my food a bit better than in the past, so that I can pinpoint exactly what is going on here.  I joined Lose It! to do online/mobile food recording; it's the old food diary gone digital so that my sad math skills can be bypassed with a slick interface that calculates how I'm doing.  I need to look further in the food choices, but in the past, I've been disappointed with these programs because I make it a point to NOT eat processed foods, and these databanks seem to have mainly culled their information from the backs of boxes and bags.  How does one log a complex recipe with several dozen ingredients, all freshly chopped and sprinkled with a healthy bit of this and that?  It's my hope that the program doesn't make this sort of healthy eating frustrating.

Anyway,  all of this is to say that I am still here.  I don't like the pinky-cutie design of this blog, so I will be exploring some other styles that are more visually pleasing for me -- this will look a bit different soon.

We're on Spring Break here, busy-busy, but I will make some time to get back into the introspective swing of things.  It's important.  Thanks for reading.