Thursday, January 5, 2012

What are you reading?

That delightful tower is my reading list for 2012, and I also have a number of books loaded on to my Nook to tackle in this new year.  Ulysses takes up the most real estate, other than the 501 Verbs, which I will not be reading cover-to-cover.  This rather daunting pile is split into "read now" for January, "read soon" on a nearby small tabletop, and "read this year" on an easily accessible shelf in my library.  A couple of the Spanish ones are workbooks, and there's even a cookbook in there.

I also went to Barnes & Noble today and used my Christmas gift card, so add a paleo diet book and another cookbook to the pile!

I gave sock knitting a first try last night, and although Ann Budd is most reassuring in Getting Started Knitting Socks, holy cats, it's not that easy.  I'm wearing a sweater I knitted myself with a fairly complex cable pattern, so I think of myself as at least an intermediate knitter.  I am using the four-needle method, which I have used before to do baby sweater arms, and I don't remember it being quite this fiddly.  I will keep at it, but may need to find a different yarn for my first attempt.  I'll post my first completed sock, and let's hope it's still winter by then!

So I settled in with a bit of Walden  to calm the nerves after three unravelings.  What a lovely book, and how well he manages to put things both bluntly and beautifully at once.  I could commonplace nearly the whole thing, which sort of ruins the concept of commonplacing, but there really are that many memorable, necessary things to take away from it.  And I'm only on page 37.

These books won't read themselves, so I'm off-- hope your New Year is off to an excellent start!

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